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TMX Investor Solutions: Ownership Intelligence

Investor intelligence and analysis that build relationships with shareholders and guide future initiatives.


Information is paramount in today’s highly competitive, fast-paced business environment. Through our ownership intelligence services, TSX Trust provides clients with the tools they need to maximize both their marketplace experience and partnerships with key investors. Clients gain 360-degree visibility into all issues affecting their businesses through our and customized research and analysis.



Investor support is critical to the success of all corporate growth initiatives. Efforts to engage shareholders, however, are often stymied by an inability to identify investors—until now. TSX Trust’s capital markets intelligence allows companies unprecedented access not only to a list of their investors but also to historical information, contact names and information, and insight into each investor’s overall strategy.

Equity Identification Report

Critical capital markets intelligence is provided through equity identification reports and investor outreach programs. We deliver to each client a customized report about that client’s current holders that includes the following:

  • Institution’s current equity holdings
  • Top holders, buyers, and sellers
  • Potential buyers and sellers
  • Key decision makers’ names and contact information
  • Key drivers of the equity income markets
  • Insight into investing strategies
  • Cross-ownership analysis showing each firm’s total dollar investment (combined equity and debt holdings) in their company

With TSX Trust’s capabilities, your company will receive a customized equity identification report on a pre-determined schedule – quarterly, semi-annually, monthly or on a one-time basis. This report will be unique to your company and will drill down to the ultimate beneficial owner (when applicable) for investment advisors, insurance companies, hedge funds, and pension funds, amongst other types of shareholders.

For many of our clients, the equity identification report has proven a true game changer. Companies that were previously unable to interact with their investors now have established contacts and relationships, and greater insight into investors’ priorities.

Investor Targeting Services

Investor targeting is a critical, yet complex, goal for a successful investor relations program. TSX Trust’s targeting services can help you achieve this goal by providing advanced analytics. Our in-depth knowledge of the investment community and extensive experience executing institutional outreach ensure we provide the most accurate analysis of targets. In addition to giving you a clear depiction of the opportunities for investment, we measure the potential risks through our investor targeting programs.

Our proprietary methodology incorporates a quantitative and qualitative analysis that includes the following:

  • A proprietary algorithm that utilizes 29 fundamental models and over 100 metrics to provide the best fit among the Global Institutional Investment pool
  • Analyzing the current shareholder base to assess risk and/or the capacity to add to current positions
  • Uncovering potential risks and measuring any anticipated investor selling
  • Identifying key targets that can become significant shareholders and impact your company’s institutional ownership

We also help closed-end fund sponsors with a variety of services, including the following:

  • Assistance in identifying current insights and trends in the market
  • Monitoring of closed-end funds and peer performance
  • Identifying opportunities and risks in the investor base
  • Continuously monitoring for potential shareholder activism
  • Improving secondary market support and investor outreach results
  • Presenting critical intelligence and actionable insights to fund boards


Companies are often required to comply with regulations that restrict ownership to specific geographic locations or that require them to monitor investor ownership changes. In many instances, these regulations have tax implications. This can present an ongoing headache if the required information is not readily available through provincial and SEC filings.

TSX Trust’s regulatory tax compliance services offer solutions to help companies identify their holders, including countries of citizenship. To prove the domiciliation of assets, meet SEC reporting requirements, and avoid any ensuing negative publicity, we offer the following:

  • Foreign private issuer status analysis
  • Jones Act compliance analysis
  • Geographic ownership studies
Institutional & Retail Ownership

While institutional investors only manage the shares owned by beneficial owners, our regulatory compliance services provide data on the individuals who own and receive the benefits of dividend distribution and proxy voting rights.

TSX Trust manages this onerous task and assists clients by providing information regarding domiciliation of equity, debt, and/or warrants to governing and regulatory bodies for North American multinational corporate clients and foreign private issuers.


Any forward-looking company has a vested interest in ongoing credit markets intelligence and analysis. A business needs to continually monitor the relative strength of the market as it considers issuing new debt or restructuring existing bonds. A critical first step, however, is to develop a complete understanding of existing bondholders. With TSX Trust credit markets intelligence, a company can better assess its options going forward.

Our capabilities include the following:

  • Global Bondholder Identification Analysis
  • Bondholder Targeting Analysis
  • Cross- Ownership Analysis
Bondholder Identification Report

With TSX Trust credit markets intelligence, you will gain access to customized bondholder identification reports. Each report includes detailed information about the client’s outstanding bond(s), including the following:

  • Institution’s current equity holdings
  • Top holders, buyers, and sellers
  • Potential buyers and sellers
  • Key decision makers’ names and contact information
  • Key drivers of the equity income markets
  • Insight into investing strategies
  • Cross-ownership analysis showing each firm’s total dollar investment (combined equity and debt holdings) in their company

Your company will receive your customized bondholder identification reports on a predetermined schedule: quarterly, semiannually, or on a one-time basis. With each report, we hone in on the ultimate beneficial owner (when applicable) for investment advisors, insurance companies, hedge funds, and pension funds.


A growing number of North American companies are adopting new growth strategies to take advantage of opportunities in debt capital markets. Some companies’ strategies require bond tenders, consent solicitation, and other dependent transactions. Other companies are attracting new investors and nurturing existing relationships by creating fixed income investor relations teams. In either case, bondholder identification is the first vital step to communicating with bondholders.

We assist clients through our extensive bondholder identification capabilities. With our unmatched access to search and location methodologies, we produce a high rate of successful identifications. Plus, we are persistent in our efforts of pursuing each identification until we’ve obtained definitive proof of outcome.

Specifically, we identify bondholders on two levels. First, we identify the type of investor who currently owns the bond in question, giving insight into how much of the par value of the bond is held by institutional investors, insurance companies, hedge funds, and retail investors, among other groups. This information is vital for gauging the bonds' potential volatility and for planning effective investor outreach programs. Second, we identify the institutional investors and the underlying funds that comprise their positions. By learning the names of the investors, you’ll know precisely which investors favour your bonds.

Bondholder identification is a critical component in any bond transaction, consent solicitation, tender and exchange offer, or complex debt restructuring. We ensure comprehensive management of all dependent transactions, with complete visibility into every aspect of the transaction so that your company can continue to move forward.

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