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Transfer Agent Services

Taking complete control of your ownership records and securityholder relationships


For years, businesses have partnered with TSX Trust for critical stock transfer agent services and strategic direction for corporate growth and securityholder engagement.

We build relationships that help us truly understand your business and develop customized stock transfer solutions based on your unique needs. With TSX Trust on your team, you can be confident of streamlined efficiency and steady, forward progress.



What exactly do you look for in a stock transfer agency? You expect complete, integrated execution of all transfer agent and share registry services, including recordkeeping, dividend disbursement, annual meeting services, and high-touch management of securityholder relationships. You expect high levels of professionalism and customer service.

Relationship managers, a team of top industry talent, are assigned to each company and serve as a single point of contact for all services related to stock transfer, the securityholders, and you, the issuer. Their goal is to alleviate all concerns through seamless execution, leveraging industry best practices in a disciplined manner. From the outset, our relationship managers are engaged, taking the time to learn about your business, understand your objectives and goals, and help build solutions that meet your specific needs. They offer guidance in key areas, including compliance mandates, industry insights, and efficiency improvement.

As your strategic partner, you can have full confidence in TSX Trust’s transfer agency and share registry expertise; we work hard to fulfill your needs, so you can focus on increasing securityholder value and future growth.

Transfer Agent & Registrar Services

Companies rely on TSX Trust as a transfer agency and share registry for a range of services that include the following:

  • Flawless issuer and security holder recordkeeping
  • Seamless transition to TSX Trust’s recordkeeping system, supporting all aspects of a client’s needs and its historical data
  • Timely, accurate, and professional customer service supporting all security holder inquiries
  • Processing of all dividend disbursements
  • Mailing of interim and annual reports and other security holder materials
  • Support of all issuer plans such as dividend reinvestment plans, proxy distribution, tabulation, and reporting services
  • All aspects of regulatory processing, such as tax reporting and abandoned property services
  • Timely and accurate expert support of all company events, such as IPOs
  • Execution of corporate actions services and depositary services

In providing transfer agency services, we act as your partner and work to ensure that every security holder interaction exceeds your standards for professionalism and service. We assume complete management for all your transactional and administrative tasks, which eliminates the need for you to dedicate resources to these functions.

Our customized transfer agent and share registrar services will provide the following:

  • Reduced corporate risk and liability
  • Secure, stable, and highly scalable infrastructure
  • Innovative and user-friendly technology system
  • Sustained focus on your company’s specific needs to help support your company’s forward momentum
Compliance & Reporting Guidance

TSX Trust goes beyond traditional transfer agent services to keep companies informed about changes in regulatory and reporting mandates; we represent your company and its interests to the fullest. We protect the integrity of critical security holder data, provide the industry’s leading management resources, and ensure that the highest quality operational processes yield tangible financial benefits.

With the stakes so high, TSX Trust maintains a team of relationship managers who offer the expertise needed to help companies understand compliance responsibilities, ensure data integrity, and maximize operational efficiencies.

Data Integrity

TSX Trust maintains industry-leading data security protocols that protect sensitive company records and personal security holder data. We ensure the integrity of critical security holder data via our processing network, which is built on a single wholly-owned and integrated platform.

Plus, our proprietary operational infrastructure and technology platform allows for immediate adaption to changing investor and business needs.

Finally, we continually assess and develop our system capabilities and applications in order to meet and exceed both client expectations and updated regulatory requirements.

Thought Leadership

In addition to personalized service, your dedicated relationship manager strives to help your company grow by offering thought leadership and industry expertise. This initiative keeps you informed about new developments in our industry and provides unique insights about issues impacting both issuers and security holders. These insights, paired with the knowledge that your company is secure and remains compliant through ever-changing regulations, empower you to support your company’s growth while ensuring its safety and soundness.

Dividend Disbursement & Reinvestment Services

As a preferred dividend disbursement and dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) provider for many issuers, TSX Trust works closely with companies to create direct stock purchase plans and dividend reinvestment strategies that meet their unique needs. Our team will assist throughout the planning and seamlessly manage the entire process. We ensure timely and accurate interactions with your security holders, flawless transactions, and full compliance with all reporting requirements and equally important, we continually assess your strategy to identify opportunities for improvement.

Dividend Reinvestment Services

Securityholders affirm their confidence in your company by applying their dividends, or optional cash contributions, toward the purchase of additional stock. They want the process to be easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to complete. This means using a user-friendly interface and eliminating unnecessary or complicated paperwork. Corporations expect the process to ensure highly professional interactions, accurate records management, and full compliance with all regulatory and reporting mandates.

TSX Trust exceeds these expectations and is the preferred dividend disbursement and dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) provider for a large number of issuers. Integral to our success is our commitment to personalized service, innovative solutions, and investment in technology.

Customized Reinvestment Strategy

A dedicated relationship manager will work directly with you and your colleagues, to gain a complete understanding of your business and its nuances, essentially becoming a member of your team. Through this deep-seated involvement, your relationship manager will develop a holistic and customized dividend reinvestment plan based on the specific needs of your company, with particular attention to ensuring quality interactions with your securityholders.

Your company will benefit from multiple TSX Trust capabilities that include the following:

  • Accommodation of discount pricing provisions and associated tax reporting
  • Preparation and disbursement of year-end tax documentation to securityholders
  • Electronic filing of payment records with appropriate government agencies
  • Timely, accurate, and highly professional interactions with securityholders
  • Continual assessment of reinvestment strategy, including recommendations for improving efficiency and better serving securityholders through direct stock purchase plans
  • Special requests including the following:
    • Certificate issuance
    • Custody of related securities
    • Personalized attention to handle unique shareholder inquiries and issues
    • Full or partial dividend reinvestment program options
    • Interested new investors who are not currently holders of the company stock but may make their initial investment through the plan
    • Optional one-time debit or monthly automatic deductions from securityholders' bank accounts
    • Online tax statements
Technology-Driven Solutions

Integral to every TSX Trust solution is our proprietary technology platform. We understand the critical role of technology and have invested in a customized system to meet the needs of our industry, our corporate partners, and their shareholders. With regard to dividend disbursement and reinvestment services, our system ensures the following:

  • The highest levels of data integrity
  • Seamless transactions
  • Dividend payments via direct deposit
  • Streamlined enrollment process
  • Electronic filing of required documentation to applicable government and regulatory agencies
  • Meticulous record maintenance
  • On-time dissemination of all communication and enrollment materials
  • Customized materials for each shareholder
Disbursement Services

As a disbursement agent, TSX Trust will work with your company to ensure that all dividend disbursement actions are thorough and precise by preparing required documentation and ensuring it is received by the securityholders, electronically filing payment records, and managing related back-end tasks. Throughout this process, your relationship manager will work closely with you to continually assess the effectiveness of your plan and to search for and recommend new opportunities to improve your business.

Though open, clear, and informed communication with customers is vital to any business, we recognize that the standard is even higher when working with investors who entrust you with their future. For this reason, we have put a number of systems and processes in place to ensure that all communications with your securityholders are seamless throughout the dividend issuance process. For example, your securityholders will invariably have questions ranging from account-related concerns to highly involved requests for detailed information.

Our service professionals are highly trained, courteous, and able to address even the most complex securityholder inquiries and issues. Plus, by customizing communication and enrollment materials specifically for your business, we can directly inform and assure your securityholders. Finally, in order to help you move forward in your business goals, we continually assess your plan’s effectiveness and recommend opportunities to improve efficiency.

Initial Public Offering Services

The initial public offering (IPO) process can last for several months, during which many important decisions must be made. Integral to this process is a trusted transfer agent who provides the IPO advice and IPO services you will need, and offers valuable guidance and insight along the way. TSX Trust’s established processes allow us to easily transition shares held by existing shareholders – including pre-IPO splits, conversions, and restrictions – into newly issued public stock. Before, during, and after your IPO, TSX Trust will help you work toward a seamless transition for existing shareholders, as well as a positive experience for new investors.

Corporate Actions

Corporate actions require intense planning, smart strategy, and attention to detail in order to be successful. Powered by our consultative teams and dynamic systems, we help drive favorable outcomes for a range of corporate actions, including the following:

  • Corporate actions resulting from a company’s decision to distribute cash and/or securities to its holders, including distributions and stock splits
  • Corporate actions that involve acting on the response or instructions from security holders, including offers to purchase, issuer bids, plan of arrangements, subscriptions (rights, installment receipts, etc.), and odd lot buy/sell
  • Corporate actions that involve processing securities when received from holders, including redemptions (mandatory), retractions, exchanges (mandatory), conversions (optional)

We take several measures to help ensure greater efficiencies and cost savings. First, we leverage an in-house team of specialists who work as an extension of your team for efficient communications. Plus, by integrating technology into our operations, our teams spend more time focusing on improving levels of service, including more personalized interactions with your security holders.

Our Services

Exchange Agent Services: We work directly with clients to develop a customized exchange program that meets their unique needs. Additionally, through our proprietary technology platform, we ensure meticulous recordkeeping and access to historical data for post-acquisition stock reconciliations.

Paying Agent Services: We offer highly automated solutions that improve efficiency and maximize securityholder convenience. Our work continues until all shares have been exchanged so that you can focus on higher priorities.

Depositary Agent Services: We advise our clients during the planning and execution phases of offers, developing a technology-based strategy that yields a high participation rate and helps ensure a successful transaction.

Voluntary Offers: We act as a neutral third party for your most critical transactions. From corporate action proceeds to escrow account deposits, our industry-leading services help maximize your returns and establish a solution to meet your specific needs.

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