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Corporate Trust Services

Critical and timely corporate trust services ensure your corporate transactions are completed successfully. Our team of industry specialists will work alongside you, providing effective support throughout the duration of your transaction.

Depositary & Exchange Agent Services

Serving public and private companies, our team focuses on the details, providing prompt, accurate and personalized service.

Debt Trusteeship Services

We act as an indenture trustee for all types of debt instruments. As debt trustee we act as registrar, distribute interest and redemption payments and prepare tax reporting.

Project Finance and Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

Our team of experienced professionals understands what you require in a trust service provider, and delivers solutions that maximize the value of your P3 and Project Financing transactions.

Subscription Receipt Services

We act as a subscription receipt agent, issuing and maintaining the register of subscription receipt holders, and as escrow agent for the subscription proceeds.

Escrow Services

We remain a trustworthy and independent agent, offering third-party escrow services and solutions to both public and private companies, including Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations.

Warrant Services

We act for companies that offer public or private placement warrant issues. As warrant agent, we maintain the register of holders and facilitate exercises over the life of the warrants.

Voting & Exchange Trustee Services

We act as trustee under voting and exchange trust agreements, administering the rights of beneficial holders in accordance with agreement terms.