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Meeting Services

For Annual General Meetings (AGMs) or other meetings, our dedicated relationship managers assist with disclosure and regulatory requirements.

Our team has extensive experience supporting hundreds of securityholder meetings throughout Canada each year. We will work with you to guide and execute in accordance with the regulatory timelines, communicate with investors, and assist with filing requirements and deadlines.

Throughout the process, we emphasize effective communication, transparency and good governance.

We provide a one-stop end-to-end suite of services including printing, mailing, online voting, tabulation and scrutineer services for all meetings, from routine to contentious.

We're building something special!

Planning a securityholder meeting is a complicated process. We're working to simplify it. We will announce when Meeting Pal is available to help manage your event dates, investor meetings, and proxy mailings quick and easy.

Virtual Meeting Services

Many of our clients are exploring the emerging trend of virtual meetings. TSX Trust offers a solution that provides our clients with the ability to host virtual meetings in a variety of ways, including:

  • Completely virtual meeting
  • Hybrid solution, including both in-person and virtual capabilities
  • In-person meetings with enhanced voting capabilities

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Securities regulators have amended two National Instruments (54-101 and 51-102) to enable issuers to offer securityholders the option to receive Notice of a meeting with a proxy and access to retrieve certain meeting materials and continuous disclosure information using the Internet.

If allowed by your jurisdiction, this option may decrease the amount of materials that must be printed and mailed to securityholders.