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Project Finance and Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

Our team of experienced professionals understands what you require in a trust service provider, and delivers solutions that maximize the value of your P3 and Project Financing transactions.

Debt Trustee

As Trustee for all types of debt instruments, we help execute your debt financing strategies by acting as registrar, distributing interest and redemption payments and monitoring issuer obligations.

Bank Account and Depositary

We provide tailored services to facilitate the maintenance of project bank accounts, receipt and disbursement of payments and provision of financial reporting.

Escrow Agent

Offering independent, third-party escrow services and solutions to both public and private companies. We have the expertise to administer all types of escrow arrangements regardless of complexity.

Collateral Agent

Safekeeping of financial assets and negotiable documents in connection with secured transactions and collateral pledges.


Safekeeping of project-specific documentation, such as financial models or any other media.

Insurance Trustee

As Insurance Trustee, we facilitate the payment of proceeds on the occurrence of an insurable event.

Bespoke Agency Solutions

TSX Trust's breadth and depth of services and expertise make us your partner of choice in developing bespoke agency solutions to your financing needs.