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What organizations do you belong to?

TSX Trust Company is an active member of the following organizations:

  • Securities Transfer Association of Canada (STAC)
  • Listed Companies Association
  • Securities Transfer Association Inc. (U.S.)

What markets are TSX Trust's clients listed on?

TSX Trust acts for clients listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the TSX Venture Exchange, CSE, NEX, NYSE, NASDAQ and other U.S. exchanges.

How does my company appoint TSX Trust as its transfer agent and registrar?

To appoint us as transfer agent and registrar, your company will be required to:

  • Execute a Transfer Agent and Registrar Agreement
  • Provide certain corporate documents including a Board Resolution appointing TSX Trust as transfer agent, a Certificate of Incumbency and the company by-laws.
  • Provide Notice of Termination of services to your current transfer agent (if applicable)

For further information, please contact Fraser Monkman at 416 947-4747.

How do I issue shares from treasury?

Shares of a company can only be issued in accordance with the articles of the corporation, by-laws of the corporation, security holders agreements and their issuance are subject to any preemptive rights that may be in existence. In addition the Exchanges and Securities regulators have in place certain regulations that must be followed.

TSX Trust will only act upon a Treasury Order when it is confirmed that the shares are fully paid and non-assessable, the direction is signed by authorized signing officers of the company that correspond to the Certificate of Incumbency on file with us and the issuance of the securities is in compliance with corporate and security laws and regulations.

How do I cancel shares?

Shares can only be returned to treasury for cancellation upon the receipt of the certificate with an executed Power of Attorney and a Direction for Cancellation, signed by authorized signing officers of the company that correspond to the Certificate of Incumbency in our files, stating clearly the reason the securities are being cancelled.

Who should security holders contact for information?

Security holders should contact the Investor Services Department by email at or by phone at 1 866 600-5869.